cropped-Paumonok-square-1.pngPaumonok Innovations is a development company that creates, nurtures and manages ventures that provide information to consumers and operate niche retail stores. All of our initiatives are dedicated to connecting consumers with products and services to improve their lives. We do this by supporting organizations built on understanding customers and tailoring solutions to meet their needs.


We have two current projects in operation:


neighbor's treesNeighbor’s Trees is an information website that provide information, support and materials to people with questions or problems about trees. Many neighbors are n fights over trees usually with one neighbor wanting another to trim or remove a tree on his or her property. We provide an overview of rights and responsibilities, provide options and documents that can help people avoid or resolve conflicts.


John's Crazy SocksJohn’s Crazy Socks was inspired by John Lee Cronin a young man with Downs syndrome who has a love of colorful and compelling socks. An online  store, the organization focuses on three S’s: Socks, Service and the Special Olympics since 5 percent of all earnings are donated to the Special Olympics.




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